Tenders & Contract Administration

Putting our promise on paper – and helping others deliver too…

ELD believes the key to successful budget control is the production of a comprehensive set of landscape documents to include; detailed drawings, planting plans, specifications, bills of quantity and a full schedule of rates, issued for tender and used for the contract.


To obtain best value, ELD recommends that tenders be issued to a number of contractors to obtain competitive quotes. Alternatively, we have experience in negotiating rates with a preferred contractor. We are experienced in reviewing these rates and advising clients on ‘best value’ for contract appointment.


ELD has much experience in the administration and running of contracts, to include liaison between the client, site Clerk of Works and the team, the issue of variations, certificates for payment, site monitoring and managing costs for additional works, acting as a landscape Quantity Surveyor to completion of the contract.

During the Tender and Contract period ELD:

  • Provides a tender report for the client, illustrating variations in quotes, highlighting high or low rates compared to the expected rates.
  • Recommends the ‘best value’ tender to clients for appointment.
  • Monitors works on site to ensure all contractors comply with specifications and standards of workmanship.
  • Administers contract costs and accounts fairly and accurately.