Historical Estate Courtyard Restoration, Stowlangtoft, Suffolk

About This Project

This existing courtyard on the Historic Stowlangtoft Estate was a former stable yard and coach house, with fine architectural features that included a clock tower and remnant stone surface runners that once provided carriages access into the coach house. More recently, the coach house has been converted into a thriving restaurant and the adjacent stables into rented residential units. The central courtyard was not suitable for regular vehicular access and had become very degraded over time, with uneven ground surfaces and in need of restoration to uplift this historical Estate feature area.
A number of concepts were proposed; all aimed to restore the stone runners and create a low maintenance courtyard that could accommodate a number of uses, that included the provision of an outdoor dining area for the restaurant and external space for residents. A central water feature was desired and proposals included options to retain and renovate the existing stone water feature; replace it with a modern sphere; relay new surfacing in resin bound coloured glass aggregates, gravels or lay it to a simple, formal grass parterre.
The simplest and most cost effective option was preferred and the Estate managed the restoration works under the guidance of ELD.

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